About Us

Our Philosophy

IPADOCS is a group of independent physicians that have joined forces to create an innovative model that preserves and supports autonomy and allows providers to deliver medicine independently with a laser focus on quality care. 

Key components that have proven this model to be successful include patient centric focused, clinical care management and taking a proactive approach with preventative care, avoiding unnecessary testing and an overall focus on coordination of care. This approach has led to an increase in service quality while being sensitive to the costs associated with healthcare.

Who We Are

IPADOCS is comprised of a group of health care providers, who have come together voluntarily to provide both coordinated and high-quality care.  The goal of a coordinated care approach is to ensure that patients, especially those chronically ill receive,

“The Right Care at the Right Place, at the Right Time” ™

A 360° Care Delivery Model

Our customized platform offers a sustainable and reliable approach that allows providers to participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program and value-based health plan contracts.

Patient Testimony Says

“My doctor is apart of the IPADOCS group and he is able to practice independently, as a result of this I receive quality care that is focused on me not focused on hitting a quota.”