IPADOCS is an elite group of healthcare providers that have joined forces together to provide a clinical approach that is laser focused on our patient’s health and well-being.

"Community Based" Independent providers bringing excellent care in a local setting.

Improved Patient Experience

We improve the patient experience by enhancing quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries, focusing on individuals and families.

Better Health Outcomes

We collaborate with PCPs to provide their patients with personalized, preventive health services to better manage chronic conditions.

Improved Clinical Experience

Our physician partners earn more money for their practices while delivering better care quality to their patients.

All-in-One Solution

360° Care Model

Maintain Physician Independence & Autonomy

High Touch Preventive Care to Improve Health Outcomes

Lower Overall Cost of Care through Value-based Services

Increase PCP Revenue Through Remote Services + ACO Bonuses

Who We Serve

Independent Primary Care Physicians

Improve quality of care for your patients and earn more for your practice through expanded remote services. We increase fee-for-service revenue and provide monthly ACO bonus payments.


Introduce Ipadocs’s remote clinical services to your practices to boost fee-for-service revenue and value-based payments. We also partner with other ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations ) in a variety of synergistic ways.

Multispecialty Providers

We partner with high-value specialists across cardiology, physical therapy, orthopedics, lab services, home health care, radiology and others to improve health outcomes and lower costs through close collaboration.

Digital Health Organizations

We partner with digital health solutions to improve health & financial outcomes for physicians and enhance patient care across disease management, remote patient monitoring, population health .